We all have heard the saying called the first impression is the last. Well, it holds true in every case. Be it your interviews or be it your Dates. Your first impression decides and explains almost everything about you. It is always advised to create an everlasting first impression in all sorts of your interactions.

But when those interactions are your dates, well no one wants to screw it up. And hence I’m here to give you the most effective tips and points to be remembered while you go on your first date with any girl.

So, you’ve been talking to her for quite a while now and it’s time that you two meet each other in person. Meeting someone special or someone who you expect to be special for the first time creates nervousness and fear of screwing things up. There are numerous questions which wander in our head related to this thought. Questions like, What if she didn’t like my dressing sense or hair or voice or personality? What if she never speaks to me again after this first date? What if she doesn’t find me exciting or charming?

Well, these questions are not that weird and it’s okay to think about them. But it’s also necessary to find answers and solutions to these questions.

Let’s find Answers

Before going on a first date, both men and women think about a lot of things. Many people make plans that they’ll do and ask this and that but not all planned things go as we want them to. So to get the answers to all your queries and to increase the chance of your first date going a success, let’s look at some of the tips for your everlasting first impression.

Follow these tips if you don’t want your first impression to be converted into last!

#1 Take some time to make an effective appearanceA lot of us get way too excited to meet the other person for the first time and we imagine everything but what we need is to calm ourselves. Over-Excitement also brings anxiety and it’s not a good sign to be anxious on or before your first date. You have to take some time to think about everything properly. Be it your outfit or your way of conversation with her. Dressing well is the most important to-do thing for your first impression. So take your time for that so that you don’t choose anything in hurry. Also, make sure that you don’t wear something that you aren’t comfortable with. Pick something which suits your personality that you’re good with.

#2 Selecting a location: the key aspectIf you’re meeting her for the first time and it’s your decision to pick a location, you have to choose wisely. If you’re talking to her for quite a while then you may know her preferences and choices which can help you in selecting the location. But if you haven’t talked a lot and are meeting her, then you can choose the place which you know and not where you’re going for the first time. The ambiance of the place affects a lot. Less crowded is the place, more are the chances for effective conversation and first impression.

#3 Know and Be your best self In most scenarios, it is observed that people brag about themselves, or try to look much cooler on their first date to make a great first impression. If it does not in sync with your personality, she will sense it. Be authentic and congruent to your inner self.  In simple terms, your words and actions have to align. You have to first know that what you like and what you’re comfortable with. It’s okay to deny something which you don’t like. This only helps your date to know you in a better and clearer way.

#4 Be a good listenerSometimes it happens that we talk and talk and talk and make the whole conversation about ourselves. Well, avoid that! Your date might ditch you if she gets irritated. Let her speak as well. Listen to her curiously. Make sure that there is continuous engagement and no one feels left out or weird while talking to one another.

#5 Your Body language mattersAs a matter of meeting someone for the first time, a smile on your face makes a good impression. You should not be overstressed. Greet her with confidence. Avoid doing things that might make her feel awkward. You can try to mirror her body language as well. This will make her feel comfortable or if you do it subtly, it can spark attraction.

#6 Don’t do the backbiting of anyone on your first dateSo sometimes people may start badmouthing about their ex or their parents or anyone just to relate with their date. This is not how you’re supposed to carry on the conversation. Obviously, you can mention your ex and your parents or something if you don’t like about them but don’t try to make them your villain in her eyes.

#7 Don’t interview herMost of the time it happens that when we meet someone for the first time, at some point it may feel like we’re interviewing them. It’s better to end the conversation than making it a question-answer round. To avoid so, always ask open-ended questions. Questions to which she can add her experiences as well while answering and the conversation may run smoothly.

#8 Keep the conversation goingIt may have happened to you as well that while talking we get to a point where all the questions get answered or maybe meeting them after talking to them for a while doesn’t leave too much to ask. In that case, you have to remember that you’re not going to meet her to find your answers. You are going to meet her to know her better in person. So, make sure that there are no silent pauses or awkward silence in between your conversation. If such a case arises, you can maintain eye contact with her with your “smiley eyes”.

#9 Lead your date – Do not put the girl on the pedestal and expect her to lead things. As a guy, you got to lead things smoothly, be it choosing the location or initiating a new topic in the conversation, or ensuring that she safely reaches back to her place. Make the efforts like a leader and you will get positive results.

So now since you’ve read all the tips, you may have got a better idea to make an everlasting impression on your first date. This assures confidence in yourselves from within for your future dates too and will help a lot to make the present one right definitely.

Hope you meet someone you’ve been expecting for a long time. And it’s just a matter of time and some tips and tricks to follow to meet them soon!

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