How to keep a conversation going with a girl

Edward, a single man was starting out in the game of attracting beautiful girls. He learned some small talk techniques. He could approach any girl he wants. But the problem is he cannot keep a conversation going with a girl.

Though he became good at approaching beautiful girls and having small talks, after some time he runs out of the things to say. As a result, the girls become damn dull and boring.

He asked me how I could solve his problem. I have shared him some of the tips which he used and become good at keeping a conversation going with a girl and getting dates. In this article, I am going to share those tips with you.

In general, girls face many guys in their life. Having conversations with guys is not a new thing for them. Hence, they can easily find out whether you are really having a conversation or just conversing to pick her up.

Unfortunately, most guys ask girls the same mundane questions over and over and over again. If you ask same boring questions, they go into the auto mode and completely turned off. What they wish is they do not want a guy to ask them the same numbing, boring questions.

I know it is tough to come up with unique topics of conversation especially when you are in a nerve-racking situation like this. That too with a hot girl, you are totally attracted.

Even, it is hard for a girl, as she does not want to keep the conversation going just as badly as you want it. If a girl likes you, she wants to deliver solid answers that make you like her back.

Most guys like Edward put girls in auto mode by posing questions like a stress interview without any emotion attached to it.

They are two reasons why single guys unable to keep the conversation going with girls.
1) They are not engaged in the moment
2) Their questions are bland and do not spark a hint of excitement for girls

Engage in the moment:

Engaging in the moment

When you are in conversation with a girl, the best thing that you can do is being in the moment and listens to her attentively. Most guys caught up in their head and listening to their inner voices. Stop listening to all the thoughts in your head and start listening to the person that you are talking.

When you are in a conversation with a girl, you talk about different topics. Either of you is bringing up some sort of topic. You have to pay attention to the topic. Because this is what you are going to use in order to continue the conversation. If you listen to her attentively, it is not as hard as you think.

A Hint of Excitement for Girls:

In order to avoid awkward silence and to keep conversation going, the trick is to extract a word from the person’s sentence and use that word to
1) make a statement
2) talk about an experience or tell a story
3) ask a question

For instance, Let us say you people are talking about, dogs come up in conversation. You can direct this conversation about dogs many ways. And can make a statement like how it feels about having a dog or anything.

You can tell an experience or a story you can relate to your dog or dogs in general. Now you have something to say. You can ask questions like what it’s like to have a dog or what some funny dog stories that she has.

The best part is no matter what the topic is you always have many ways to go. All these different ways play a part in the conversation. So it does not really matter if you know something about the topic or not.

Whatever is the topic you can apply these aspects. This requires a bit practice.


What you have to do is, when you talk to a girl and you will be engaged in the moment and extracting a word from what they say. Then you are either going to make a statement about it, talk about an experience that you can relate to that or ask a question about it. It is simple but with be exciting them as most guys make it boring.