Attract the girl you have a crush on

Attract the girl:

Hey, Man, how to attract the girl. Here is a story of Alex who is fascinated by his neighborhood girl Amber and he tried every possible way to attract her. Generally, guys like Alex, first seek advice from their inexperienced friends and the inexperienced friends gives them outdated boring advice that spoils the chances if any. But the Alex did a smart thing to attract the girl.

He rather than seeking advice from inexperienced friends same as he, he followed the advice on lead your love and attracted Amber.

Would You Like To Know How To Attract The Girl You Have A Crush On?

In this article/video, I am going to teach you how to attract any girl you have a crush on. She might be your classmate or your colleague or your neighborhood girl. She is the someone you know and has a crush on.

Basics First:

Before we dive in and understand the process, lets us first understand what really attract women to men. If you do not know what really attracts women you will waste a lot of time on the superficial things.

For instance, if you believe like most men who follow the mainstream societal advice you strongly believe that women are attracted to looks and money. That is quite wrong.

Women are attracted to behavioral qualities and internal stuff such as what’s going on inside of you.  How you present those inside qualities to her that really matters rather than how much money you have or how handsome. handsome you look.

Women attracted to men with qualities like being strong in any situation whether emotionally or physically. The one who is dominant and have fearlessness. All these traits project your masculinity to her automatically. In other words, they get attracted to a man, who takes things in control and leading the outcome of a situation. In other words, who can “lead their love and life”.

For instance, when you approach a girl next time project a good eye contact, right body language and talk confidently to her. It will automatically project your attractive character to her.

The next time when you approach a girl you have cash on,  be in that moment, make her feel you are a confident, fearless and secure guy. You will get much better results.

Show her social man

Show Her Your Social Man:

It is very simple to do. In order for her to believe that, you are a cool guy who is socially attractive and not a psycho killer, you need to show her your socially attractive man. For instance, create some happy hours kind of an event or anything. Play a lead role and gather people together for that event and invite her.

Show her your attractive character:

Now, it is time to show her your attractive character.  Interact with everybody and introduce her to other people, other people to her, people to people. By doing this, you could show her your social attractiveness and leadership skills subconsciously. You will become the cool guy naturally.

After that, make her feel your behavioral traits through a good eye contact and conversation. Once it is over, ask her confidently on a date. This way, things will go very smoothly. As all these things happen in simultaneously she will respond positively. It is that simple. Unfortunately, most men make this process so complicated.

To wrap up, all you have to do is three things.

  • The first one is to understand what really attracts girls.
  • The second one is to gather a group of your friends or colleagues and organize an event, invite her to that gathering.
  • And the third one is to project your attractive character and ask her out on a date.

Follow the above advice and get the girl you have a crush on like the Alex did a smart thing.