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In this article, i am going to teach you the secret of how to be attractive to beautiful girls without being rich & handsome.

One of my students Sagar followed the advice at and approached a hot chick. He had a great conversation. Things went well for him for a couple of weeks. However, Sagar observed that girl is losing interest him. He is worried now and wrote an email to me asking how I could solve this problem.

I took a detailed brief of the conversations he had and actions he did with the girl and diagnosed the problem.

The problem I observed in the case of Sagar is no different from what many other single men have. What Sagar and many other single men do in the initial days is to become role models of society and thereby they display so much of their niceness which actually repels the girls.

I gave Sagar, a straightforward advice…Sagar, “Show Her Your Attractive Character”. Sagar was surprised to my reply and asked me, “The Attractive Character”. Oh! No. I am not that good looking. How can I become attractive to her?

You have two characters in you:

What Sagar, most men and you do not realize is “You have two characters in you. One is the “Attractive character” and other is the “bland character”.  Your success with a girl depends on which character you show to her.

The societal influence has buried your attractive character in the fears of rejections, criticism, meaningless social norms. As a result, every one of us is wired to show a girl the bland boring character rather than the attractive one. If you learn how to “lead your love” you will automatically show her your attractive character without being rich and handsome.

For instance, recollect those instances in your life, when someone appreciated you for something. You had forgotten many such characters of you for which others were so fascinated about.

Bring Out The Hidden Attractive Character In You:

Lead Your Love -Attractive Character

Every one of us has attractive characters that draw people like a magnet to us. Throughout the history and today, we see so many beautiful girls hang out with average looking guys.  However, we believe being handsome and rich matters in attractive beautiful girls. For instance, we see many average-looking men with average income hang out with beautiful girls in every lifestyle. In these instances, the average looking men with average income showed their “Attractive Character” to the girls. So, if you take the time to realize you have such one and harness to use your attractive character consciously to attract girls, you can attract them without being rich and handsome.

 The primary reason why most men fail with the girls is They Are Good At Showing Their “Bland Character” not the attractive character. We have been taught to agree to whatever girls are saying without thinking much of it. Hence, this is what most men do at the unconscious level. It also sounds logical to comforting the girl for everything she says.

The big problem is if you are trying to agree with whatever the girl says and try to act nice to her, you stay neutral on your views with no identity. In other words, you have shown your bland character with no elements of surprises, adventures and no identity for whom you are and doing whatever you are doing. You have a very bland life, not a good thing to show.

How can you use your attractive character?

How can you use your attractive character

“Attracting the attractiveness of opposite sex by showing your attractive character is attraction”

“Being Attractive is intentionally attracting opposite sex by showing your attractive character”

-Sam Lyl

Instead of comforting the girl for everything, she says and does, convey her polarity. Stick to what you believe and express your views, and convey your identity for who you are, doing whatever you are doing because you are clear of your path. The power of polarity works great in attracting girls. Be naturally very polarizing while you share your opinions on hard matters and stick to your guns, no matter what she does believe and when you take a stand for what you believe. Then she will become your raving fan or she will go away.


You need three components to build your attractive character. To build an attractive character you have put story lines, elements, and your identity. You should be able to include all these components and build your attractive character that people will like and fall for you.

While interacting with women express your views that bring out story lines of your leadership qualities, elements of adventures, and surprises and the initial reluctance you have gone through before you finally became the hero.  If you show her your Attractive Character you will much more attractive to her naturally without being rich and handsome. In my “Lead Your Love Book – Get A Girlfriend In 30 Days“, I will you teach you how to use your attractive character naturally.