You Don't Have To Be Rich & Handsome To Do It"

Here’s How to Meet, Date and Love the Kind Of Women You’ve Always Desired. 

I will show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you become more successful in dating and loving the kind of women you always desired and you do not have to be rich or handsome to do it...


Lead Your Love eBook

Dear Man,

Imagine This Scenario...

  • What if you became a man that many beautiful women always wanted to date?

  • What if many single beautiful women were want to love you irrespective of your looks, money or status?

  • What if you got a girlfriend or a special woman you have always wanted?

  Sound like A Stretch? I Used To Think So Too...Until It Actually Happened To Me. Over The Past Several Years, I Had Dated Many Pretty Amazing Women That I Thought Could Never Possible. The One Thing That Gets The Amazing Pretty Women Is Knowing What REALLY ATTRACTS BEAUTIFUL women. Not The Fluff That Got All Those To Me. 
It is knowing how to trigger The CORE ATTRACTION INSTINCTS in them.

It is as simple as ACT. 

In my eBook you will learn a proven, simple 3 step ACT method that teaches you:

  1. How to approach
  2. How to converse
  3. How to Take-it-forward with women
When I first began learning how to get a girlfriend, I got a lot of confusing advice, some taught techniques, some taught the inner game, some taught using 'pick up lines' and all the info is hidden and miss, with no proven method. The LYL model is universal. If a man wants to get a girlfriend, he has to approach a woman, he has to converse with her and then just need to take things forward from there. That's how my simple 3-step ACT (Approach-Converse-Take things forward) method was born.

It has taken me a long time to figure out all of the things—that you are about to learn in this book. I have spent years to understand this stuff.


My Story

Like each of you—I am actually a normal man—who went through a point in life where I decided that I have to get this part of my life called “Love” handled. I will not bore you with the details.  I have all most all the qualities every woman desires in man—like a good job, good salary, good character and looks—yet struggled to get a girlfriend for several years. Ironically, most men could not believe the fact that I was a single whenever I interacted with them. Several years ago—one fine afternoon—I happened to see a beautiful woman with whom I fell in love instantly.  I did everything right as per mainstream advice. Out of luck, things went well initially with her—somehow things went out of control later. She began avoiding me—and I felt helpless, weak and depressed. My love was true—and I loved her sincerely—yet she did not get the feel of it. I am sure I was a much better match for her—yet I had no clue why she did not love me. I was just wondering why she did not understand my true love even if I did everything correctly as per mainstream advice.

My Breakthrough Discovery:

I had another female friend—who is similarly beautiful like the girl whom I loved. Off late, my female friend started liking me even if I did not show any interest in her. I was quite confused—the girl I loved sincerely started hating me yet the girl I did not show any interest started liking me madly. Then I took a commitment that I would figure out this LOVE thing at any cost. I spent several years on understanding many beautiful women—interacting and studying their behavior—in all lifestyles. To my shocking, what we, men, think right things—what was taught in mainstream advice—is hypocrisy. This hypocrisy made me to waste almost 2 years of my time convincing her to understand my true love. The more I studied them—things that “DID NOT MAKE SENSE” actually "WORKING" with women. I saw many beautiful women— hang out with men that have average looks and income. When I teased a beautiful woman, she liked me more than I was nice to her. I was respected when I did not entertain her drama than giving more attention to it. During that process, I have discovered many million-dollar Aha moments. To make a long story short—I made rapid progress by learning from these “insights”. And I took the things I learned, tested and refined the ideas into a system and put it all together for myself. It is not my style to brag, but the fact is that I have dated many amazing women over the last several years. I have taught my system to my friends and colleagues—they got amazing success with women. One of my friends loved a girl several years and she dumped him—he almost went to a point—he thought of committing suicide. I taught him my system—he used the things I thought—now he not only got a pretty supermodel and he is running his own business as well. Now it is your turn to learn my simple 3-step system. If you read and implement all the things that I am going to tell you in this book—I will assure that you will get many amazing women.

Most Men Fail With Women For Two Reasons: 

First: They Believe That Love Will Happen Automatically, So, They do not take action. I was no exception for this. Until several years ago, I was a believer in love is something that happens automatically. My experience of interacting and studying many women taught me love is something I can make happen with any woman I want, in other words, I can simply LEAD it. You can too... Second: If at all they take action, they follow wrong advice from novice friends, biased parents religion, society movies and media. Hence, they do not succeed.

Why Should You Believe That I Could Help You?

Why should you believe in what I am saying when there are so many so-called gurus are teaching this stuff? Well, You Should Not. In fact, I would recommend that you approach my stuff with a “Healthy Cynicism” and a “Systematic Perspective”. I want you to TRY what you learn from me. Only after you have seen that my stuff is REAL…You are getting the results you want... and then should I say to “believe” me?  

Here Are Some Of The Great Things You’ll Learn In My Lead Your Love eBook:

In Chapter 1 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • Why mainstream advice of waiting for love to happen sucks
  • Why lead your love
  • How to design a life that gets you, girlfriends, automatically
  • The overall purpose of a Man, your purpose, and path to becoming the greatest version of you
  • The clear-cut directions to get speedy results

In Chapter 2 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • You will how simple ACT method was born and how mainstream advice confuses you

In Chapter 3 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • How to become a master at the approach the women you always thought impossible
  • The TOP FOUR approach styles that work with almost any woman that you want to approach
  • How to use body language correctly while approaching women
  • How to project yourself as a high-status man without even communicating it
  • A proven formula that makes pretty women think that you are always cool.

In Chapter 4 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • The 6 best conversational styles to use with any woman any time with a specific word to word script so that you do not need any canned pickup lines
  • How to communicate and build connection at a deeper emotional level with my conversation 2.0
  • How to ask interesting questions that women would love to respond
  • How to avoid awkward silences and never need to worry about bringing back that fading conversation
  • How to speak spontaneously and never need to worry about checking every word before you say
  • How to avoid the deadly mistakes too many men make while conversing with women such as interrogating her with boring questions like a Stress Interview

In Chapter 5 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • How to avoid getting fake numbers and avoid friend zone
  • The 6 best ways to get phone numbers from women as if you do not even ask them.
  • How to create an irresistible attraction so that beautiful women want you without being rich and handsome
  • How to attract her from the core without needing any extra fittings (good looking, cars, money or status)
  • The specific steps, directions, and methods for creating everlasting attraction
  • How to become the man all the beautiful woman always wanted to have without being rich and handsome
  • The 10 biggest mistakes to avoid as a single man
  • Why mainstream approach to expressing your feelings to her backfires, instead what to do

In Chapter 6 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • The core issues that are sabotaging your success with women and learn how to overcome those
  • I have done a deep dive into your internal issues such as limiting beliefs, idealism, approach anxiety, and unknown fears and how to overcome all those with specific exercises

In Chapter 7 Of The Book, You Will Learn:

  • How to choose the best places as per your objective
  • The best places to meet beautiful women
  • How to get your dream girl
  • The 3 best exercises to implement what you learned in the book and get what you have always wanted.

And Much More

For Example: 

  1. How to give a woman that same feeling of “I Have To Have Him” that she gets from a guy who is Rich, Famous, Or Good Looking... Without Being Any Of Those Things Yourself
  2. How to avoid the things almost all men do while trying to keep a woman interested that actually repels her twice as fast…
  3. A proven exercise to develop A Stone-cold, Unshakable Inner Confidence that allows you to Approach A Woman In Any Situation Without Getting Nervous and fear
  4. The 10 things single guys do that instantly tell a woman they are NEEDY and INSECURE… and ruins their chances with her forever and How to avoid them FOR GOOD
  5. How to identify and strengthen the parts of your personality that make a woman Feel Attraction For You so you make a lasting impression on every woman you meet
  6.  How To Avoid The Deadly Mistake too many men make when trying to get a girlfriend that guarantees they end up in “The Friend Zone”
  7. What you must do if you want to keep a woman interested in you forever (this is the key to having a long-term relationship with a woman… conversation 2.0.)
  8. How to use “unpredictability” and “excitement” to give a woman that addictive rush of adrenaline that keeps her coming back for more (learn these, you’ll never have to worry about her losing interest in you… leaving you for another man)
  9. You know that “nervous” feeling you get in your stomach when you see a beautiful woman you want to meet. You will find specific exercises you can use “in the field “ to INSTANTLY eliminate all feelings of nervousness and charge yourself with confidence right there on the spot
  10. Best ways to “tease” a woman that builds up a powerful “Sexual Tension” that gives her no choice but to make an aggressive sexual advance towards you
  11. Most men are not very good at reading female body language. I’ll show you how to Use and Read Eye Contact & Body Language that most men don’t even know exist
  12. How To Avoid Getting Fake Numbers
  13. How To Avoid Being End Up In Friend Zone
  14. How to create an irresistible attraction without being rich and handsome that draws pretty women like a magnet to you
  15. And Much, Much, Much More…

The best part is you do not have to wait for this book to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it to your computer/mobile device right now. 

Here Is A Recap of What You Are Going To Get:

Let Me Ask You This:

What if Lead your love eBook helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting and attractive woman? Just ONE. What would that be worth to you? Now ask yourself: What if there’s even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to meet one woman after another – and get dates with wonderful women as often as you want? What if you really can learn how to attract the kind of woman or women that you’ve always wanted and get this part of your life handled for good? How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most men I know, it would be priceless. Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success with women would be worth the investment. I personally invested over several years and thousands of dollars to learn how to be successful with women.

“Lead Your Love eBook” The reference manual for how to be successful with women

 The actual price of Lead Your Love eBook is INR 6000 but if you order right now, I can offer at a discounted price of just INR 1500 for very limited time.

I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insights, and experience for INR1500 when I started. And I know that you’ll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after reading it.

This much is for sure: For the rest of your single life, you’re going to see women that you’d like to meet. Or you’re going to be talking to a woman somewhere, think that she’s really attractive and want to get her phone number so you can meet her again. Or you’re going to be out with a woman and want to get physical with her… The question is, are you going to know exactly what to do and say to succeed? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened? I have one final thought to share with you. After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future. You know how they say that you can’t tell someone how to get somewhere unless you’ve been there yourself? Well, I’ve been there, and I’m going to show you the way. Think about it…  



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This is possibly the most important investment you’ll ever make in your dating life. I assure you that you’ll be able to use the things that you’ll learn in my eBook to meet more women.

I want to put the risk 110% on my shoulders–and off yours.

This eBook comes with a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

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PLUS, if you are not still satisfied with results, I’ll offer you a free one-on-one coaching session to get you back on track.If you put in the work and go through the process, you WILL get results. It’s worked for thousands of people before you in hundreds of different scenarios and will work for you as well.

I truly want to help you meet and date more great women. I get emails every day from guys who are using these materials to DRAMATICALLY increase their success in the dating world, and I want to help you too.  

Here's How It Works!

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Wishing you success with women



Sam has blown me away with his new insights into Love and Women. It is incredible to learn how you can get the women you always desire in such an easy and realistic way. He taught me the skills on a very different level than I had imagined was possible. For those guys who might be new to his stuff or who might not have tried this stuff, let me just say THIS WORKS!!!”

Frank K., from Los Angeles, USA

Sam gives you the foundation about the basics of female psychology and attraction. He clearly points out all the “nice needy” behaviors that so many modern men exhibit, and how those behaviors turn off  women completely –all ”NICE NEEDY” guys need to read, to get it through their heads that being “nice” is not the same as being attractive. His newsletters are a must-read for men.

Robert M., from Melbourne, Australia

Once you understand how his simple principles work, you will project confidence without the use of techniques or pick up lines. It will come naturally to you.

Mahesh B., from Hyderabad, India

Sam gives you insight found that let you create the sort of attention from women that you have always wanted, without coming as a jerk, or a manipulative man. You will unlearn traditional mainstream sense of what a “nice” man is and learn how to be “nice” to women, while still keeping your dignity. The best thing about his principles they all work whether you are single or you are married. He not only does help you with women, but also with your outlook in overall life.

Kevin S., from Toronto, Canada

I have been visiting this site and reading newsletters regularly. Now, I feel more confident. Sam is a genius in attracting women and a good teacher. His strategies have given me new insights and I have a completely different world with women right now. Now I believe I have a completely different level of success with women. I would like to thank SAM for helping me out.

Karan S., from Bangalore, India