Is She Liking Me and How To Get Her?

Ram is a college student and he likes his classmate Swetha. Swetha seems to be interested in Ram. He guesses there is something between them but he is not sure what it is.

She checks out for Ram before she enters the classroom. Every time their eyes meet, she blushes.

At the end of the day, when Ram says goodbye to Swetha she responds but she does not initiate anything else. She seems like very happy for Ram to do this.

But she is only allowing Ram to do this.  Ram is confused asked me, is she liking me and how to get her.

Is She Liking Me?

From the actions you have described to me, she is just getting along with you by just being a friendly classmate. There is no indication that she is into you, at the same time there is also no indication that she is not into you.

As most Indian men who are influenced by this Bollywood drama, it seems like you are creating a special connection with her in your head.

You are just playing safe and hoping that the girl is going to do everything for you. Unfortunately, it is now going to happen.

If you do like every other guy as shown in Bollywood movies, things do not work in real life. Because you hope she does everything for you. They just hope love happens automatically.

If you want to succeed in love, you have to lead your love. When you lead your love, you will try to understand all the steps in the human mating dance. You understand her subtle signals like her winking smile that says “something is in my eyes, it is up to you to find out more”.

How To Get Her:

How to get her?

If you want to attract Swetha and want to make her your girlfriend, just lead your love.

What I mean by “lead your love” is just lead all your actions that needed to get a girlfriend. It begins from eye contact to approaching, to talking, to attracting and taking her to dates.

If you want something in life, you have to go for it especially when it comes to girls. Even the most successful women in the business typically don’t take initiate the first move. They still want to be feminine if you are masculine.

It does not work if you are playing safe with a girl and taking little steps to test whether she is going to like you or not. That’s what most guys do all the time and fail in love and with girls. That’s what you are doing in this situation.

It works out in the “reel life” not in real life. Attracting, dating and loving girls don’t work this way.

Take action and lead your love. If you miss this shot, nothing is going happen. After all,  you never get her if you do not take action.