Best ways to attract beautiful women and impress them

What attracts women? 

A very common question yet always remains unanswered because people fail to understand the ideology behind the word attractive and hence are always confused that what does actually attracts women. 

What do they like, what they don’t? What are that one thing that will definitely impress the women and they get attracted to you?? 

Usually, women don’t get attracted to you when you do something good for them in particular. Yes, it’ll impress them for once but if you want to make a longlasting impression, you have to be good and that’ll attract them. 

Now there are different beliefs in society about what attracts women. Some say it’s the money, some say it’s the looks, some say it’s the personality. 

But which one is true? What is right? 

Let’s find out! 

Each woman is different. What is good to one woman can be unpleasant to othersWhat one likes, the other may not. They all have different choices and different opinions.  

It’s you who have to find out what will impress the one you’re chasing since they all are unique in their own way and everyone finds a different thing attractive. 

But when it comes to longterm impression; that a man can only make on a woman by his traits. Because looks, money can leave you for once, but the traits that you have will always remain with you and will reflect your personality till eternity. 

Now there are several methods to reflect those traits. It can be anything unique of you, anything which makes you different from the others. 

But if you find it difficult, you can always use some by taking the help. Help that I can provide you through these tips. 

There are always some traits which we all have but we don’t know the correct use of them. And these are the traits that women find attractive and impressive. 

If used correctly and efficiently, you can attract and impress any woman you want. 

So let’s learn what those are and how to exactly use them. 

#1 Humor: Now before I begin, you have to first understand that, humor does not mean jokes. No! 

When I say be humorous, that doesn’t mean that you copy 2-3 different jokes from the internet and start telling that to each person and call yourself humorous. No. That’s not what humor is. 

Humor is something that comes naturally, something which you do for personal entertainment and not to make others laugh. 

Humor never means to put in the effort. And effortless things are the ones which are liked by the audience. Their humor should be effortless. 

It’s just the puns and that little sarcasm you pull off during a conversation for your own entertainment but since it was good, the people around you also enjoy it. That is humor. 

And everyone is capable of doing that.  

You ever noticed, when someone says something, you get something funny in your mind related to that but you never say it. That, right there is your humor. All you need to do is instead of just thinking and laughing in your head, you have to spit it out so that others can enjoy and laugh too. 

Now to impress women too, humor plays a great role. 

Women easily get attracted to man who can make them laugh, not by any silly or stupid jokes or behavior, but by their sense of humor. 

But while doing so, you have to make sure that you don’t say anything offensive in front of them. That can worsen things, especially when you’re trying to create a first impression. 

So, be humorous but if you’ll do that for self-entertainment, it’ll come naturally and that’ll be the humor that will attract her. 

#2 Challenge: This one’s a little tricky and you have to work up a little for this, but this works! 

By Challenge here, I mean to challenge women in two ways, one is Playful Challenge, and the other is Intellectual Challenge. 

Women have this tendency to not let down themselves in front of a stranger too quickly so they often accept and try to win the challenge. 

Now the best part about this trait is, either you win or you lose, you will be benefited in both cases. 

Now, let’s see first what’s Playful Challenge? 

Here, you need to tease a woman playfully and have to say something that challenges her or her traits. 

You got to be flirty and need to start commenting with seriousness but end it with an impish smile 

For example, you can say to her something like, ‘You are way too nice for me, I can’t go with you.’ 

Or, go to the hottest girl in the party and be like, ‘You know I only talk to the most beautiful girl in the parties, so can you tell me what is the name of that girl, right over there.’ 

These are some of the tricks to make her attracted to you. But make sure, that you don’t go over the line and say something filthy which might be offensive to her. 

Remember to be sweet and flirty and not rude and disrespectful.  

Now let’s see what do I mean by Intellectual Challenge? 

As the name states, it’s something where you have to challenge a woman at her intellectual level that can trigger her.  

But this will only work when you have enough knowledge too on that topic. Therefore I said a little bit of work will be needed. 

You can discuss any topic that she has an opinion about and put forth your points. No matter if you’ll have contradictory thoughts. It’ll show your intellect and your thought process. 

The majority of women instantly get attracted to intellectual people, so show off your intellect whenever you get the chance. 

And don’t put your guards down, if she’s not getting convinced by your opinion and you’re not getting by hers. That doesn’t mean that she won’t get attracted to you. 

You can still bring the odds in your favor by finding optimism in the situation. 

You can go like, ‘Hey you know what, I don’t think so we will ever be able to settle down on this topic, and that’s the beauty of you. You never step back and fight till the end of t. It’s rare and beautiful.’ 

And if she smiles, which she definitely will, then voila, your work is done there. 

And hence you can attract and impress any women by challenging them through these ways. 

#3 Validation: This is another effective method through which you can attract women.  

Providing validation to a woman or her works gives her a moment to give her attention to you.  

Validation just means to prove the validity or telling the accuracy of something. 

The validation can be both positive and negative. It depends on what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. 

Positive validation means responding well and in a positive way to whatever she says about her. 

For example, if she says that she works like this at so and so place; you can go like, ‘Oh you work there! That’s a perfect place for a talented person like you. You know one of my friends has been trying to get there for a long time now. I guess if you could help him in any ways?’ 

And in the same way, you can carry on with the negative validation. 

Negative validation doesn’t mean that you have to insult her or her work. That would be of no help. Give her a negative validation only when you have established a good rapport with her otherwise you’ll be dumped then and there. 

And give her a negative validation, only when you genuinely know what you’re saying and that should not be a bluff. You might not leave her offended.  

Giving true validation without fooling a person is generally appreciated by women. 

#4 Value and Status Dynamics: Value and Status are two things that attract the majority of women towards a man. You have to make sure that when you approach any woman, keep your status and value high. 

Even if you’re low maintenance, don’t pretend that, if you want that she gets attracted to you. 

You have to always show that you’re capable of her in all ways and match all her priorities of Mr. Perfect. 

Yes, you can do this. This will also give you the confidence from within and it’s our subconscious that always pushes us in the direction that we always pretend to be.  

So it’s good for you in many ways. 

#5 Your Natural Attractive Character: Yes, everyone has a naturally attractive character. The point is, some know how to show that and some don’t. 

Those who know how to, get beautiful girls, and those who don’t just keep finding a way to do that and keep ranting about how they are unattractive. 

Well, no! No one’s unattractive. And you don’t even need money or too good looks to attract girls. 

You ever noticed, that there are men who are averagelooking with average financial status also have beautiful girlfriends. How? 

That’s the charm of their attractive character which they managed to let out. 

All you need to do is identify that one thing that is too good or unique about you and you can harness your attractive appeal from there. 

And believe, if you’ll try, it won’t be a big deal to do. 

To Conclude 

You can attract any woman with the unique traits that everyone has. All you have to do is find it out and once you’ll know it, you will be surrounded by ladies. 

Till then, you can follow these tips and can improve your game. 

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