Do you want to impress beautiful girls? No matter who they are? Let me tell you a short story of Naveen, who came to after broke up with his girlfriend. Like many single guys, Naveen had no clue why his girlfriend left him.

He used to love one of his classmates, Geeta. But he could not express his love for her due to a lack of confidence. And as a result, he lost his dream girl to another guy.

Like Naveen, many guys make mistakes that spoil their chances with girls. Today, I am going to tell you how you can impress beautiful girls.


Girls are naturally wired to seek out confident guys. It is their primal nature. They cannot help it. The process happens almost subconsciously.

If you are an uncertain guy, you lose big time if you are unsure how the girl can trust you.

For example, the way you start to talk to her, the way you look at her, the way you walk, all tell about your confidence levels will say a lot about you and your confidence. So, work on these aspects.


I am talking about your common misconceptions. You do not have to be fair, tall, or muscular to look better. It does not matter how you have genetically born.

Because looking better is only a matter of choice.

If you take an interest in yourself, you will look better.

Take care of your hygiene to smell better, whether it is your breath or body. Shave or trim your hair on your face and other parts of your body regularly.

Learn to dress better. It is as simple as choosing appropriate colors that match you and clothes that fit better on you. Invest in your wardrobe wisely. You can do this without spending much.

If you are out of shape, exercise three to five days a week consistently. Over a period, you will feel better, and your body looks great. Never compare yourself with others. You are what you are. The key is consistency, not how many hours you spend in the gym or how muscular you look.


No matter what girls tell you, most of them judge a book by its cover, at least in the initial days. Therefore, based on how you present yourself, she will judge you, either an exciting, attractive guy or a boring and annoying guy.

Indeed your confidence and appearance are useless if you don’t know how to present yourself well.

If you show yourself as a needy, insecure, annoying character, girls will treat you like one. On the other hand, if you present yourself as a smart, intelligent, interesting, attractive character, she will treat you like one.

So, It is how you present yourself that matters. Take any opportunity to show your attractive character, not the boring character.


All I want you to do is:

  • be confident around girls,
  • look better in your skin and,
  • present your attractive character, not the boring character.

So, girls want the guys who are confident around them, look and feel better in their skin, know how to present an attractive character.

To impress girls, apply these three essential tips in your interactions and see the magic.

How do you find these tips? Let me know any other better ways you have tried from the comments section below.

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