3 Tips For Men To Project Instant Confidence While Approaching Girls

Are you feeling nervous while approaching girls? Are girls rejecting you?

Read this article to the end to know the 3 easy tips to project instant confidence while approaching girls. These 3 easy techniques will help you project instant confidence.  Read carefully because these are very powerful.

Girls want to be with a confident guy who is comfortable himself and around girls.  Because they feel comfortable with a guy who’s comfortable with himself. So then, the questions come to your mind is how to project confidence that makes them comfortable. You can project confidence through body language and voice tone.

Body language matters more than the actual words you speak. It is the most powerful tool you can use to project your confidence and make others feel comfortable. Project body language correctly with girls when you are communicating with them. Because she will be picking up subtle clues from your body language.

The 3 tips to project confidence while approaching girls:

  • Eye contact,
  • Walking,
  • Stance.

Eye contact:

Have you ever talked to someone and found that they were a little bit shy? or that they were nervous? or they were not comfortable around you?

How did you come to that conclusion almost subconsciously? Because they did not maintain eye contact with you during the conversation. So, Eye contact is important when you are approaching the girls and talking to them. You have to have laser-focused eye contact If you want girls to feel that you are a confident guy and comfortable with yourself.  A great way to do that is to just focus on one person’s eye.

But the problem is it can be very hard sometimes to maintain eye contact for a while. Because it can be intimidating to hold eye contact with someone you do not know.  To avoid that, one eye technique. Look only into one of their eyes rather than both.  When you look into one of their eyes instead of both, it’s still going to appear as if you are looking right at them.

Make sure you are holding eye contact every time you talk to a girl.  That is going to display dominance and confidence.

3 Tips For Men To Project Instant Confidence While Approaching Girls Walking


Now let us know how to project confidence through your walking. When you are approaching a girl I want you to feel confidence rolling through your body.

What you have to do is practice relaxed walking like a king every time you approach a girl. While you are walking make you are comfortable, lift up your chest a bit, make your shoulders relaxed with free hand swing. Also, keep your head straight eye contact towards the target.

Remember to project the above tips when you’re walking up to a girl in a club, or a bar or a party or anywhere.


It is really a comfortable way to stand when you’re  talking to a girl. It has to be comfortable for you and for them. Also, they have to feel your comfort and confidence.

Imagine you are talking to a girl. Generally, when you are talking to her, you face her directly and put your feet forward.

Next time when you talk to a girl, keep both of your feet as equal to the width of your shoulder. Then keep one foot at a 45-degree angle and another foot straight.Stand at a 45% angle to her, relax and you can shift your body weight without her noticing you.

In addition, place your hands comfortably.  You can keep your hands down by your sides, you can cross your arms, you can put your hands on your hips, you can hang freely by your sides. But What I want you to do is “place your thumb finger either on your index or middle finger and then slightly touch them together and then let your both hand hang freely”.

In this posture, your fingers should slightly be touching, you can lift up your chest a little bit. When you’re talking to a girl you might move your hands a little bit and when you are just calm and listening to her, you just place your hands like I said.

These are three easy tips to project instant confidence while approaching girls. Remember, the next time you will be approaching girls and taking to them “maintain laser-focused eye contact, walk comfortably, and then do that confident and comfortable stance touching your fingers a little bit together”.