How To Compliment A Girl So That She Likes You More

Oh, you are an angel…you look amazing…you are so sexy…you are the most beautiful girl in the world…good old advice on how to compliment girls. If you tried of using some of above stuff and tired of getting lame responses, read this article further. Because in this article I am going to teach you how to compliment a girl correctly so that she likes you more.

You might be thinking why I am writing an article on how to compliment a girl as it is simple like just to say something nice… Oh, you are an angel, you look amazing…you are so sexy…you are the most beautiful girl in the world…

Well, there is more than just to say something nice.

If you do it the wrong way, you are never going to get what you want.

For instance, if you give a girl a very generic or boring compliment like above statements then you will not go as far as you would like with a girl.

On the other hand, if you know how to compliment a girl correctly and you do it in the way I will teach you in this article then a girl will not only appreciate your compliments but also start to like you more.

It is very powerful stuff when you do it right.

Keep in mind a few rules and examples of the compliments that I will teach in this article so that you can get a better idea of what to say.

Genuine Compliments:

Genuine compliments

First, every time you compliment a girl it has to be a genuine compliment rather than a canned one like the one I said in the starting of this article. It has to be something that you actually believe. When you actually mean a compliment, your body language will demonstrate it.

She will know that it is not something you are just saying for the sake of saying. When she knows, you mean it that is when the attraction sparks fly.

Do not ever say something because anyone told you to say unless you believe it. For instance, find something about her that you actually like and then you can tell her about it.

 Do Not Compliment On Defaults:

When you compliment a girl that you just met you do not compliment on her defaults i.e. looks or physical appearance.

Remember ‘complimenting on her looks is not a compliment‘.  Because so many men had already done it before and even it looks superficial that makes it a weak compliment.

When you first meet her compliment on:

Say something nice about her values, work ethic, or taste in music or movies or art or style etc. You can also compliment her on her personality like she nice, giving, the kind, sweet. These are powerful compliments.

Bonus tip: Observe her actions and things that she talks a lot.

For instance,

What are the actions she is doing that you like?

Is she good at her job or studies?

What does she seem to be interested in?

It is a good way to find out something that you can compliment on and it is interesting and unique to her. Nevertheless, use the ones that you mean. This way you will get better results.

You may read my another article on how to talk to beautiful women if need help in talking to them.

When to compliment on her physical features:

Do not compliment her on defaults. We are deliberately staying away from the default something that she can’t help initial interactions.  Avoid complimenting on her sexual appearance and physical features like butt or her boobs etc. when you first starting to know a girl. It can come off very dodgy.

Save those in the memory for a time when both of you have actually made a strong connection and have been at least, a few dates or you are in the bedroom. That is when those work the best.

So what is your favorite compliment to give a girl or what are some that you like that I mentioned in this article?