Why A Girl Will Not Text You Back And Avoid Worst Sentence In Text Game 1

James is a Management Student in Bangalore, India. He was a single man and rarely hangs out with friends. He met a few girls and started using text game. Some girls do not even respond to his first message. Some girls do respond but never goes out on a date. He was worried and asked me, Sam, Why some of these girls do not text me back?

If you are unable to get a date through text game, read this article till the end. Because in this article, I am going to tell you some of the most important aspects to get a girlfriend fast in the “text game”.

Text Game Tips:

1. Not about texting at all:

It is not about what you say in the text messages that make a girl to text you back. It is about how you made her feel when you first interacted with her. If you made her feel bland in that initial conversation she will not be texting you back.

If she does not feel it, she will not text back no matter what you say to her.

So focus on making the initial conversation interesting so that she feels excited when she sees your text. If you have done it correctly, she will respond your text messages.

That is why in LYL ACT method I focused the second step entirely on the conversation skills. If you want to become good with girls, it is always better to work on your conversation skills and flirting. Learn here how to talk to beautiful women.

Why A Girl Will Not Text You Back And Avoid Worst Sentence In Text Game

2. Avoid the worst sentence in text game:

The worst sentence that you could ever say in a text message or in a Facebook chatting or through email is “let me know”. Generally, most guys believe that it is a cool thing to do. They text or write something like this…

“Hey, it was nice meeting you, we should hang out sometime ‘let me know'”

The reality is the girl does not let them know ever because a girl wants a guy to let her know.

She wants you to be the one in control because that is masculine, that is sexy and that is what turns her on. It is a kind of integrity test a girl unconsciously tests a guy to check whether he is congruent to his masculinity. Most guys without knowing this fact literally give the lead to her and fail. That does why I say, “lead your love”.

Hence, never say, “Let me know.” and then wait for her to get back to you. Instead, put forth more control over the interaction, lead your love, so that she will stay interested in you, and want to see you again.

2. Take it forward:

Some guys get good responses from a girl and then they start flirting with her back and forth over messages. But the problem with them is they never ask her out.  if you want to take her out on dates you must ask her out.

If you do not ask her out, nothing is ever going to happen. Because she is never going to take lead and make things for you. You have to lead your love and learn to take things forward from one step to another.

The female psychology works wants you to control every aspect from the first time you approach her, all the way up to the time you’re on a date and then up to having sex with her.

Let’s Wrap it UP:

  • It is not about the text messages alone, it is about how you made her  feel in the initial conversation.
  • You should never use let me know or any other text that’s puts her on the pedal to decide and take lead.
  • Take things forward from one step to another and lead your love.

Realize is that it is always up to you to do that first long stretch. You cannot expect a girl/woman to come up to you and start initiating conversation and setting up the dates with you. James effectively used the above conversation and text game tips and got his dream girl Tina.