If you invest any time in the world of pickup techniques and temptation approach, you’ve at any coast known about the push-pull method of flirting. It’s a useful asset that permits you to get girls attracted to you more effectively than would somehow be possible. This post will explore the push-pull strategy and disclose how to use it to slope your seduction results.

There are various levels of push and pull. You can do it verbally, non-verbally, or a blend of both. The moment when you want to use it adequately is the point where you need to understand, when you have to push and when you can pull. This will contribute a great success to your goal. If you do it correctly, you can even get a girl to push on you hard.

The Psychology of the Push-Pull Technique

Before I start explaining the fundamentals of using the push-pull method, we first need to understand the psychology of what it is all about and, in general, how it works. Despite the name, there are three perspectives to this method. We’ll begin with the first:


The method is actually what it seems like. You’re separating yourself from the object of your fascination. The push is commonly done emotionally, yet it could be physical in certain circumstances (it happens very few, and there are many reasons to hold your horses in the beginning phases).

The psychology here is that you are accepting up that you are not interested in her. Maybe she’s not cool enough to get with a charming man like you. Perhaps you’re building up that you have a high status. Whatever the reason is, you first push her away and separate yourself from her. By doing this, you accomplish several goals. You establish that you’re not some helpless person who is completely besotted with her. You even make her think that what has turned you off and leads to the level of separation.


The second segment of the method defines attraction. It is the place where you bring her back closer to you. Once more, this is generally an emotional action, not an actual or physical one. In this stage, you are indicating to her that you are attracted to her. You’re actively flirting with her.

The psychology of the pull clarifies that you are actually very much attracted and interested in her. This indicated that you need to become acquainted with her and wants to spend more time with her. It doesn’t need to be sexual touch first thing. Indeed, I’d suggest that it not be sexual at all until you’ve had more opportunity to build her comfort level with you.


The third and last one is the combined procedure of the push/pull technique. This does one thing and one thing only. It makes her interested in you. It pulls her to you and makes her thinking about you, like, what are you doing? She’s reckless why you are driving her away, but then she is assured by your being teased or flirting, which possibly destabilized her again when you drive her away. It’s about keeping her guessing, which drives her crazy.

Push-pull is a challenging skill but a straightforward process that can make you lose the girl entirely, so we need to think about using any one of these to be sure.

Numerous people think the push-pull technique is a simple way where you can remember lines. However, to effectively draw a girl’s attention through interest and disinterest, you should cook the style around the girl you want to be yours. It simply indicates you should do some research on her or already have a decent through of attraction.

Combining It All Together

So now we have read about the psychology of flirting or push-pull techniques. Let me show you some pointers that will have a significant effect.

Strike a Balance

To begin with, first, understand that you have to keep your pushes and pulls balanced. You can’t have too many of one and insufficient of the other. On the other hand, when you are pushing and pushing, be prepare to be blown away. She will understand your hint and leave. Because nobody wants to be with somebody who is not into them. That is actually the sign you are sending with more pushes not balanced by pulls.

However, too many pulls can be similarly as terrible. You’re continually drawing closer to her – it’s like touching her shoulder. It’s incredible, if it does once or twice, and can drive attention and even sexual strain. If there is a continuation in that, and you are doing it repeatedly, it gets creepy. You start to seem creepy, and there’s no quicker method to drive girl attention after seeming like a needy guy.

You have to find some balance here. For each push, there should be a force. You have to keep her in balance, even if that’s an unbalanced mental state for her. Recollect the situation. It’s the push/pull, not push/push/pull, or pull/pull/pull/push. Do one, then the other. It’s all about balance.

Opposite and Combine

The procedure’s name may make you believe that you have to push first and afterward pull; however, it is not. You can pull and then only push, and here and there, you can even join the two into a single sentence and for a one-two punch that will truly cause her to remain alert.

Be Realistic with Your Pulls

Any compliment that you pay a girl is technically a pull. You have to deal with these cautiously. Trying too hard can appear to be insincere. In the direst scenario, you come up as creepy buddy, and she’ll go after the pepper shower (as she ought to on the off chance that she feels compromised).

How would you avoid that outcome? Be realistic and at any cost, try not to try too hard. Heavy hand compliments will bring doubt, especially when you haven’t become more acquainted with her well.

Be Physical without Being Physical

Both pushes and pulls can be physical. However, there’s a great chance to lose her if you actually get touchy with her too soon. Once more, you would prefer not to seem to be that unpleasant creepy person. An intrusion of her own space before she’s prepared for you to cross that boundary is a potential punishment to any likely relationship. However, you can be physical without even touching her.

Here’s an incredible illustration of an actual push with nothing to do with actually putting your hands on her. You’re chatting her up, she’s chuckling, and you pull by offering her a compliment. After a second, you push by walking out on her and talking about the person close to you. It doesn’t even need to be another woman – it could be a guy. You’re just indicating that your interest has dropped, and she’ll ask why and what she can do to get you to focus on her once more. In fact, she might actually reach out and touch you, physically turning you back around.

At last, the push-pull technique can be unimaginably amazing. So amazing, you have to understand how to use it mindfully. By adjusting your pushes and pulls, you make unbelievable interest in her while making sexual pressure after some time.

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