3 Reasons Why Women Give You Fake Numbers?

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3 Reasons Why Women Give You Fake Numbers?

Hey, Man, You saw the beautiful woman at a coffee shop or pub or local hangouts or on the street. You approached her confidently and had good interaction. Now your object is simply to get her phone number. You asked and got her number. Great job! In this article, I am going to tell you 3 Reasons Why Women Give You Fake Numbers.

You waited enough amount of time and called her.

The number you are trying to reach is No Longer Exist.  The number you are trying to reach is Not Reachable.
Or the number you are trying to reach is Switched Off. Or sometimes your dial takes you to the Wrong Destination.
You got a fake number.
This sounds familiar!
You are now a member of “Girls Gave Me Fake Number Club”.
Don’t worry you’re not alone. There are thousands of other men like you who do not understand how to converse well with women and get numbers.

Most men do not know how to have a real conversation with a woman but complain about getting fake numbers. Because they are under the impression getting a woman’s phone numbers is big deal and that’s all they have to focus on. You are fundamentally wrong. Once they got a phone number from a woman, they even fantasize her as your girlfriend. They call her very excitingly but unfortunately, she doesn’t answer the phone at all. And try several more times but still no answer. They keep on repeating this for a week or sometimes more than that. Finally, they give up in confusion and blaming themselves and the woman.
Hey, man, there is nothing to be confused.

3 Reasons Why Women Give You Fake Numbers:

1. She Was Not Attracted To You:

You did not attract her in the first place. If she is not attracted to you. Don’t expect that she’ll answer your phone and want to hear from you. You cannot measure whether a woman is attracted to you or not by just getting her phone number. She is just not interested in getting to know more about you.

She came to conclusion... Oh! I had it and I don’t want to know about this loser anymore. I assume you probably did not observe her rejection signals during the conversation.

2. She Gave Her Number Just To GET RID OF You:

You might wonder why she gave you a fake number or original number without answering your calls. Here is the deal. Most men misunderstood the concept of getting phone numbers from women. They focus more on getting numbers rather than connecting with a woman. If you only collect numbers rather than connecting with a woman you will face these situations.

You have just collected her number but did not connect with her during the conversation. So she is not interested in you. So, she gave her number just To GET RID OF YOU FROM HER or NOT TO EMBARRASS YOU in front of the group. There is a popular belief that a woman does not give her number unless she likes you.

Contrary to this belief, women will give their numbers whether original or fake just to get rid of you. There is also another reason she doesn’t want to give you a fake number in case you try calling it in front of her and complain. Most women dislike or fear to get into a direct confrontation with men.
So they instead of telling you that they are not interested in you straight away, they choose this less confrontational path. They give you their phone number but don’t answer when you call or sometimes give you fake number to avoid embarrassment in that situation.

3. DEMONS Have Changed Her Mind:

This generally happens quite often. Some men might have a great conversation and she initially began liking them and during that time, they managed to get her number and even attracted her a bit. Sometimes her demons (inner voice, friends, etc.) pitch in and affect her thinking then she may think that you are not the right fit for her. Another time she does not feel any interest during the encounter with you. Sometimes you have said something during the conversation which she might have analyzed later and begun avoiding you.

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