Lead Your Love sounds different than what you generally hear? If you get this correctly, it will change your love life forever for good. Perhaps, if you believe like most guys, that love is something that happens automatically. And your dream girl somehow appears before you, like an angel, and proposes you.
Chances are you will become far more frustrated in your love life. Because, contrary to what you hear in mainstream media, love is not something that happens automatically. Love is something that you consciously make it happen. In other words, you lead your love.
Those guys who lead their love have an advantage over other guys. Because many guys do not lead their love. They just hope, their dream girls propose them. In reality, a beautiful girl is chased silently by many guys.

Many of these guys just stare her and hope that she loves them. The guy who has the courage to lead his love, approach her correctly and get dates with her. He learns how to approach beautiful girls, so he does not feel insecure with girls as he knows how to lead his love life.

Then why do not many guys do not lead their love?

Society misled us to believe that love will happen automatically.  Society used various channels such as movies, fiction love stories, fairy tales that made us love happens automatically.

They molded us to believe and hope for better things to happen automatically, which is against a man’s nature. They stopped us from growing to a man, they let us just be boys so that they can control us.

We were led to behave like boys and continually looking for how others can lead us to our wants.

We all were dependent as kids on our parents. When we asked what we wanted, some times we got what we wanted but some times we did not get.  We had to settle for what our parents gave us versus what we actually wanted.

It was okay as a boy but not okay as Man. Because it questions your existence as a ma and your masculine identity.  Us, men were led to believe all irrelevant things to attract beautiful girls, except being a man.

Why most guys fail with girls is they carry this boy psychology and apply in attracting girls.  This behavior turns girls off and they run away from those guys.

With this mindset, many guys are focused on what they do not want rather than what they want. These guys try to avoid bad emotions like rejection and others’ judgment.

It resembles when they approach girls. They approach girls that she would nice enough to approve instead of having a good conversation. If the girl senses this behavior, she will move away from you.

I spent years of time, for love to happen automatically. And failed several times by the mainstream advice by endlessly hoping for “that special girl.” I finally realized the truth about love.

Love is not something that happens automatically to you. Because love follows a process and those who lead their love will win. When they lead they know how to create it, how to have it, and how to sustain it.

To become a man, you have to lead your things, whether it is your job, business, or your love. By leading what you want and others, you will develop core confidence, and you do not seek validation from others especially from girls for who you are and what you do. This works like magic in seduction.

Being a mature man comes from experience and the lessons you learned. If you were led by fear and never make an attempt to approach and talk to the girl you like, you will never get a chance to attract her.

Don’t be Led by Fear, Lead Your Love.

To attract girls, you have to understand the following key aspects.

  1. Male and female psychology is different. You should understand how male and female behavioral dynamics work in real life.
  2. Attracting a beautiful is an art which needs some skillset, like learning to type on the keyboard, learning to ride your bike, or drive your car.
  3. Love is a verb and not a noun. Meaning you have to go through some steps and do actual work to get results. Just hoping does not work.

If you do not lead your love, your dream girl remains just like your dream. Someone who gets how to lead his love get her away from you.

Better you realize one in life, especially in your love life, nobody is going to do anything for you. you got to do it. Lead Your Love.

Take responsibility for your current situation and learn what you have to do to get your dream girl.

Do not be led by fear of what others think of you, lead your love.

If you are serious, I wrote a book called “Lead Your Love – Get a Girlfriend in 3 Simple Steps.” You may check out to change your love life forever for good.