conversation starters - lead your love

Sekhar works as a software engineer in Hyderabad, India. He was a single man and ready to mingle with girls. He was eager to talk with many of his beautiful female colleagues. But he did not know how to start conversations with them.

He stuck with words after he approaches and about to say something. He was in deep pain, worried about his problem.

One fine day, he wrote an email to me asked how to overcome this problem. I gave him the 30 “conversation starters to talk with women” and am going to share those with you in this article.

You can use those in all kind of different situations. Some of them are useful in very specific situations. some are general, some are situational and some are direct, some are indirect.

It is up to you to decide which to use when. The conversation starter you choose should depend on the situation you are in and you have to deliver them with a lot of energy.

Remember! when you use the direct conversation starters your confidence matters much.

Indirect Conversation Starters:

Conversation Starters - Lead Your Love

  1. Let me ask you. Why does everyone like (mention any celebrity, or movie or YouTube video, popular game)?
  2. Let me get your opinion on something. What do you think of (include clothing item here)?
  3. Let me get your opinion on something. Do you think it is worth it to (option A or option B)?
  4. Wow, the weather is gorgeous out, isn’t it?
  5. This place has the best coffee, isn’t it?
  6. How is your day going?
  7. This place is so beautiful, by the way, have you ever been here before?
  8. What it is crazy. Can you believe that (insert popular news headline here)?
  9. Have you ever tried (include a specific activity)? Is it fun?
  10. I am looking to go on vacation somewhere. What is the most beautiful place you have ever traveled?
  11. Have we met before?
  12. If you are in a clothing store… pick an item and say… how does this look? Would this look good on me?
  13. How do you like this (mention whatever venue you are in)?
  14. What are your thoughts on this class? Do you like it?
  15. Do you know what is the closing time for this place?
  16. What is the name of the song that is being played?
  17. Hey, I have not met you, yet.
  18. Who do you think is having the most fun in this place right now?
  19. Wow, it is so crowded in this place, tonight.
  20. Hi…

Direct Conversation Starters:

conversation starters - lead your love

  1. Hey, you look charming, I had to come over and say hi.
  2. There is something remarkable about you. I had to come over and say hi.
  3. You girls look dazzling, I had to come over and say hi.
  4. You girls look so fun, I had to come over and say hi.
  5. That is a cool thing (include item you are referring to here), where did you get that?
  6. That item looks amazing. What is that?
  7. You have really a cool style. I admire that in a girl.
  8. You look interesting. I want to talk to you.
  9. Make eye contact; walk up to a girl with a big smile and say Hi, What is your name?
  10. What is the best way a guy can start a conversation with a girl he’s attracted to?


Sekhar effectively used the above conversation starters and got his dream girl Swetha.

Hope, the above information will help you achieve personal goals.

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