In this article, I am going to give my take on women-hate-men-who-wear-cargo-shorts, he recently published report on the Mashable. It is a case study that was carried out by Hater dating app. It reveals that “Women hate men who wear cargo shorts.”

Hater, which cleverly matches people based on their shared distaste for things. It has obtained much user data on what their male users favor and hate to find out. It turns out there are some revealing differences to be found in what topics the “hots and not’s” disagreed on most strongly.


To parse all this, they divided the men into segments and looked at topics liked by the 10 percent considered most attractive (meaning they collected the most right swipes) and by the 10 percent who were least attractive (those were swiped left on the most). This isn’t always about being physically hot, but about having the right combination of ingredients to make you especially right-swipe-able.

The most significant points of contention between the two groups were cargo shorts and PBR. You would not think either would be that controversial, but life is full of surprises. Anyway, where do you stand? Because you’re about to feel either really good or bad about yourself. *drum roll*
It was a spoiler alert, the least attractive 10 percent that was disproportionately fond of cargo shorts compared to their more attractive counterparts. The hotties, for their part, dug PBR considerably more than those at the bottom of the pile did.

Lead Your Love Take:

It does not matter what you wear as long as you are confident and display masculine polarity to women. Because a case study carried out by Haters app of their users’ strength of 400,000 or so users cannot represent the entire world.

For instance: Haters app cannot guarantee you that if you stop wearing your favorite cargo shorts that you will get your dream girl. There are also no scientific studies that prove that your girlfriend breaks up with you if you wear cargo shorts. These types of studies are entertaining. However, more reliance on this stuff can fuel your limiting beliefs to the worst possible level.

Stop believing these kinds of bull shit studies and start focusing on improving yourself and lead your love.