The Best Question To Turn A Small Talk Into A Deep Conversation

The best question to turn a small talk into a deep conversation

A major problem most men have is how to get past small talk and to have a deep conversation that actually helps to get dates with a girl. Small talk is a great way to start conversations easily with a girl. Nevertheless, the small talk alone cannot give much info about her.  In this article, I will tell you how to ask the best question to turn small talk into a deep conversation.

If you run out of things to say and small talk becomes very generic and boring. One best questions to ask to get past small talk and get deeper is, “I want to know what your story is.”

The good part

This is such a cool question to ask because you can really use this anytime, anywhere. It automatically cuts through the small talk and gets right to an actual deep conversation.

For Instance, Instead of asking small talk questions like where you are from, and What do you do? What are you actually asking them is what they are all about and how they got to the place they are now?

You are almost allowing them to bring up the information in the way they want to tell their story, instead of forcing it with boring small talk questions.

The challenging part

One of the challenges you might get from someone who will say, “Well, what do you mean?”. The challenge here is they might not understand the question properly, and they usually do not expect this type of question often. I have asked this question before, and someone says, what do you mean by what is my story? Some people might not really understand the question the first time you ask.

Then follow up with these questions. What do I mean by what is your story is? What are you about? What is going on in your life? How did you get to be where you are right now? What is your story?. Be a little bit vague because it allows them to open up and tell the story and how they see things.

Right question to ask girl

What if she asks you the same question?

When asking this question to women, the probability is they will ask your story as well. So make sure that you have a good story to tell her. Practice what your story is and use a challenging plot in the story. What I mean by it is, “what challenged you and drove you to be where you are today, especially where and why.” How did you overcome those challenges?

For Instance, combine the following parts to make a good story.

  • What drove you to be in the job or career that you have?
  • The place that you are today?
  • The current friends?
  • What is it about you that made you a man?

Please give them the best reasons that make what you are.

What Is The Right Time To Ask This Question?

You can really ask this question anytime. Whenever you get into a conversation with the girl, you can ask her when you start noticing that the small talk is fading out or when small talk becomes just very generic and boring. I want to know what your story is, and then they will have an answer for you.

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