Why Should You Lead Your Love?

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Why Should You Lead Your Love? Lead your love, sounds different than what you generally listen, isn't it? If you get this correctly it will really change your life. I am wiring this blog post for someone that does not get why to lead love. When it comes to love, most people believe that love is something that happens automatically. But my experience taught me contrary to this belief and often your naked eye cannot see this subtle truth. The truth is Love is not something that happens automatically to you but something that you make happens to you and happen to others.

Why Should You Lead Your Love?

Why Should You Lead Your Love?

Mainstream advice often taught you to “think that love will happen automatically, as a result, you give the lead to someone else or you follow someone else for your love, and hoping that one day you will get it. Most of the people, living in the world hoping things will happen automatically. They are constantly looking for how someone else can lead them to their wants and desires.

It was okay as a boy during childhood you might have been hoping for things, wants or desires. Then it was okay to hope or follow the lead of your parents because whenever you wished for something. Your parents made your wishes fulfilled, as you were dependent on them. There were also probabilities in which you settled for what your parents gave you vs. what you really wanted; it was okay as a boy but not okay as Man.  As result of this, many men live life in the reactive mode and not in proactive, especially with women.

They behave the way that it causes women run away from them. Focused towards what they do not want rather than focusing on what they want. And they try to avoid bad emotions like rejection, what others think about them etc. Most men approach women not thinking of what they want (having a good conversation). Just hoping that attractive women would be nice enough to give approval. If the woman senses that behavior, whatever you do she will move away from you.

I spent most of my adult life waiting for love to happen automatically to me. And failed several times by the mainstream advice and endlessly searching for “that special woman”. I finally realized the truth about love.  Love is not something that happens automatically to you because Love follows a process and will come to people who know how to create it, how to have it, and how to sustain it.

Once you have grown-up to a mature independent adult. You are expected to lead the things whether it is your job, business or your love. By leading others, you will develop core confidence in you and you do not seek validation from the women for who you are and what you do. Being a mature man comes from experience and the lessons you learn from that experience. If you start moving away from the bad emotions and hoping women will be nice to you, you will live in the reactive mode and you will never get what you want.

For getting the desired women:

  • You need to understand male, female dynamics and their behaving patterns. Need understand that it is just a skill. Yes, it is a skill like learning to type on the keyboard, learning how to ride your bike, how to drive your car; you cannot become good until you understand all the things properly at one time.
  • Need to go through certain steps and processes in order to reach your maximum potential.
  • Then You need to practice and master the skill set as if your job by spending a reasonable amount of time for mastering those skills, steps, and process and have to become the greatest version of you.

So, If you do not get this, the woman you desire and love you hope is for real, clearly for someone who will get it.

You have to realize one thing, in life, especially in love life. Nobody is going to do anything for you, you have to take responsibility for the situation you are in and you need to make the necessary changes to succeed. That’s Why You Should Lead Your Love


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