Three Phrases That Gets You Rejected By Girls Instantly In India

3 Phrases that gets you rejected by girls instantly 1

Three Phrases That Gets You Rejected By Girls Instantly In India

3 Phrases that gets you rejected by girls instantly

Three are phrases that gets you rejected by girls instantly in India.

Hi, Man Do you know when you should not compliment a girl sexually?. What happens if you use self-deprecating or negative phrases?. I am going to talk about the three phrases that get you rejected by girls instantly and how you can avoid them.

Girls reject you instantly if you use these three phrases.

Still, I have seen many guys using these phrases unconsciously and got rejected instantly.

I know that your favorite hero has used many times and got success. Do not fall a prey this Bollywood drama.

If you say these phrases to a girl, these phrases repel her.

Let us look at what are these phases and why you should not say these phrases with a girl.

I have simplified the process of getting a girlfriend you always wanted. I call it ACT method.

If you want a girlfriend, you have to approach, converse and then take it forward from there.

In other words, you have to go through three stages.

Stage1 Approaching:

Do not use sexual phrases in this stage:

For instance, something like

Oh, damn girl you have such a hot look!

Just remember, When you are in an approaching stage, your objective is to approach a girl and get to know her.

If you use any overtly sexual phrases or compliment her on her physical looks, she will reject you very fast.
She does not want to hear those now from you.

This is why the direct approach fails most of the times.

So, let us not compliment on her looks or about anything sexual at this stage.

3 Phrases that gets you rejected by girls instantly 1

Stage 2 Conversing:

Do not use any self-deprecating phrases at this stage.

For instance,

I do not deserve you.

You are too good for me.

I hope I do not lose you.

Self-deprecating phrases are a big turn off.

A girl of value will never appreciate a weak man who is insecure.

She will spend her time only if she feels that you are worth her time and effort.

When using these phrases, you are communicating that you do not worth her and have less social status to her.

In that case, she is never going to get attracted to you.

The object of this phase is to know each other and let her perceive that you stand out from the crowd.

When you say these, you are saying that you are not worth her time. That kills her attraction completely. Never use any self-deprecating phrases.

Stage 3 Take it forward:

This is the stage where you actually dating each other and hanging out for some time.

Do not use any negative phrases at this stage.

If you say anything, negative about yourself or about the relationship, she will reject you.

She may not reject you straight away but she will form a negative opinion about you. Over a period, she will lose interest in you.

So, girls Reject You Instantly If You Use These Three Phrases that are overtly sexual, self-deprecating and negative.

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