How To Talk To Girls- One Technique To Engage In A Deeper Conversation

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How To Talk To Girls

How To Talk To Girls. Have you ever faced this situation with girls during conversation?

You were telling her about yourself and in the middle of the conversation she picks up her phone and start texting or start looking away.

All of a sudden you are like, oh my god, what I was just talking, where did she go?

Maybeshestartslooking away or showing signals that she is not interested?

For instance, she is looking down at her fingernails or something like that.

Immediately, you get the sense that she is not interested and you feel worthless.

When someone shows, they are not interested in what you are saying that makes you feel a little worthless.

When you are with a girl or anybody, it feels good to know they are interested to know what you have to say. It gets the person really excited to continue talking to you.

One technique to engage in a deeper conversation with girls:

So, let a girl know that you are interested to know what she has to say.

When a girl tells you something the next time, about her story, about what she does for a living, whatever she is saying to you, you look her in the eye and say “Oh really, tell me more”.

That is it.

When you say,“Oh, really, tell me more”, she feels wow, I am excited to tell this man. Because it feels good to tell him more about something he wants to hear.

She will start to like you a bit more. Though she may not be attracted to you totally, it will engage her in a deeper conversation.

This feels good to us as we humans we like this. We like when people are interested in us, we want to have cared for we want to be loved.

During a conversation with girls, you should complement a girl enough to show a bit of intention that you are interested in her. By saying Oh, really, tell me more you are communicating just that. If she feels it, she will start to think about you.

If this works out and then she begins talking and you guys will have a great conversation and you end up getting her number. Then, chances are, you are going to end up texting her and get her on a date.

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