How To Talk To Beautiful Women – The Magical Secret

For a long time, one of my students, Konda Babu has a terrible problem of How to talk with beautiful women. Sometimes, Konda Babu cannot start the conversation and sometimes he can but he runs out of things to say while communicating with beautiful women. As a result, he had to face awkward silences during […]

The 3 Types Of Women To Avoid In Dating

The 3 Types Of Women To Avoid In Dating When you start meeting new women, you will realize that there are different types of women. Lifestyle is getting harder and harder and some people have really bad childhoods and past relationships. Whenever you are meeting new girls or women, you always hope for the best but […]

Is She Using You? Check Out These Five Red Flags Before You Commit

Hey man, generally a lot is being talked about how to avoid bad men. But I think very little advice available to avoid all those women out there to exploit men for money. These women are only interested in your bank balance than in your heart. If you blindly choose them based on their external appearance […]

5 Red Flags she is not right woman for you

5 Red Flags She Is Not The Right Woman For You

Always feeling unappreciated for what you have done? Always being blamed for problems in the relationship? Check out the 5 Red Flags She is Not the Right Woman For You, Man. Hey man, you get advice generally how you to behave with the women. This happens because we men generally pursue a woman. If she […]