Boring With Women? How To Stop This?

How to stop being boring with women

How to stop being boring with women

How To Stop Being Boring With Women?

In this topic, Stacie, a young attractive woman is dating a smart intelligent man, John. Off late, Stacie is becoming boring with John even though he does everything she wants. Like Stacie, many women complain that many men are boring. Even some of the more intelligent men come across as boring. In this article, I am going teach you How To Stop Being Boring With Women?

I will address one of the core mistakes men make. Let us look at the two scenarios to make you understand more about being predictable. Then how to avoid being boring with women.

In addition, how you can become unpredictable, mysterious, and spontaneous and romantic with small changes in the way you act. So, How To Stop Being Boring With Women? let us look two scenarios below:

Here Is The Story Of John:

There is a man named John who likes a Stacie very much. Stacie tells that she would love to get flowers and she would love John to take her to a nice restaurant for a dinner on Saturday night.

As John is a nice guy he gives Stacie flowers and took her to the restaurant she wanted to go on Saturday night. Now Stacie got what she wanted. She told him where to do it when to do it and of course, our boring John did exactly what she said.

Where's the mystery, spontaneity, and romance? Everything is predictable, boring and that as per her norms, no suspense at all. How boring is the process?

Here Is The Story Of Sam:

There is a man named, "Sam" who likes the "Amber" very much but never tell that in a predictable way. Amber tells him that she would love to get flowers from Sam and would like to go out for a dinner on Saturday to one of her favorite restaurants.

Sam told Amber that he is busy on Saturday. However, it is okay for him to take her for lunch on Thursday. They had lunch together but he did not give her flowers.

A couple of weeks later Sam surprised Amber on Wednesday night dinner by taking her to the restaurant she wanted to go. When they arrive, he has the waiter bring her some flowers that he arranged in advance. Now tell me, is that boring?

What is the difference between the John and Sam?

John gave Stacie exactly what she wanted when she wanted that too completely on her terms. John was so predictable in all his actions. Being predictable is boring to everyone not only to women. Let me ask you a question. Do you like a friend that can be guessed even before he opens his mouth? Similarly, women easily get bored with predictable men.

On the other hand, Sam gave Amber, what she wanted but on his terms. You must have understood by this time, the spontaneous Wednesday day date was much more exciting than the boring predictable Saturday date.

Make her feel spiced up

Lead Your Love And Make Her Feel Spiced Up And Exciting With You:

If John continues this behavior, off late, Stacie will lose interest in him, as she knows how John acts in each situation. She can control him very easily. In addition, John showed indecisiveness in these situations by just following her instructions without understanding how attraction works with women.

What John, so many men and you do not know is women of value are looking for the men who are leaders. If you are, indecisiveness and procrastinating things and expecting others to make decisions for you will become boring and predictable. As you do not make decisions, you will act on the decisions of the others or do same things repeatedly. This is not a good sign in dating life.

"If you want your life to be exciting and spiced up, just step out of your comfort zone and lead your love." - Sam Lyl

In case you become indecisive, you must change that habit. So, start making every small decision in your life as Sam did.

Make all the decisions whether they are right or wrong your day-to-day life. Over a period, you will become good at making decisions, act unpredictably and brings spontaneity to your life.

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