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Have You Ever Faced This Situation WIth Girls?

You were walking on the street thinking about upcoming exams or meeting a project deadline. All of a sudden, you saw a beautiful girl going on the same street. She is not the just beautiful girl, an incredibly gorgeous and sexy girl.

Everything seemed still for a moment as if she was the angel born for you. For a second, you thought my life is meaningless and a total waste. It is better to stop doing all and to join monks if I cannot get this girl. She moved you like crazy!

This much is for sure: 

For the rest of your single life, you’re going to see girls that you’d like to meet. Alternatively, you’re going to be talking to a girl somewhere, think that she’s beautiful, and want to get her phone number so you can meet her again. Or you’re going to be out with a girl and want to get physical with her.

The BIG Question is…

Are you going to know what to do and say to succeed precisely? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened?

What Secrets You Will Learn:

  1. How to give a woman that same feeling of “I Have To Have Him” that she gets from a guy who is Rich, Famous, Or Good Looking… Without Being Any Of Those Things Yourself.
  2. How to avoid things almost all men do while trying to keep a woman interested that repels her twice as fast.
  3. A proven exercise to develop a stone-cold, unshakable inner confidence that allows you to approach a woman in any situation without getting nervousness or fear.
  4. The ten things single guys do that instantly tell a woman they are NEEDY, INSECURE, and ruins their chances with her forever; and how to avoid them for GOOD.
  5. How to identify and strengthen the parts of your personality that make a woman feel attraction for you, so you make a lasting impression on every woman you meet.
  6. How to avoid the deadly mistake most men make when trying to get a girlfriend that guarantees “they end up in the friend zone.”
  7. What you must-do if you want to keep a woman interested in you forever (this is the key to having a long-term relationship with a woman – conversation 2.0.).
  8. How to use “unpredictability” and “excitement” to give a woman that addictive rush of adrenaline that keeps her coming back for more (learn these, you’ll never have to worry about her losing interest in you or leaving you for another man).
  9. You know that “nervous” feeling you get in your stomach when you see a beautiful woman you want to meet. You will find specific exercises you can use “in the field “ to INSTANTLY eliminate all feelings of nervousness and charge yourself with confidence right there on the spot.
  10. Best ways to “tease” a woman that builds up a powerful “Sexual Tension” that gives her no choice but to make an aggressive sexual advance towards you.
  11. How To Avoid Getting Fake Numbers.
    Most men are not very good at reading female body language. I’ll show you how to use and read eye contact & body language that most men don’t even know that exist.
  12. How to avoid being end up in the friend zone.
  13. How to create an irresistible attraction without being rich and handsome that draws pretty women like a magnet to you.
  14. How to show the masculine behaviour so that your dream girl proposes you.
  15. And, Much, Much, Much More.

7 Chapters of Golden Secrets That Will Make Girls Chase You For Good

Read Sample Chapter From The Book – Why did not you have a dream girl in your life?

Let us look at the daily routine of Ram: A typical daily routine of Ram in college days, he used to wake up 6 am and he would study for an hour or so and then do exercise for an hour. Then, he used to go to college. He used to spend most of his time on the studies. As he was reserved in nature he had very few friends.

For entertainment, he used to watch movies a couple of times in a month. In his free time, he used to listen to music. He used to daydream about his dream girl all the time. As he was reserved, he spent most of his time online.

A typical daily routine of Ram in his work life, after waking up he used to exercise, goes to the office, and does the job very effectively as he was hardworking and a sincere professional. So, he never left the office until he finishes his work.

His superiors were always relying on him for any job. His colleagues always looked up to him. Sadly, his work environment did not have many female colleagues. Though there were some, he did not have any interest in them.

Have you seen the routine of Ram? He was a very nice and hardworking man who was responsible and accountable.

Ram was waiting for his dream girl to find him someday.

Would Ram be successful in finding his dream girl?



What was Ram’s wish? His wish was to get a dream girl as his girlfriend.

What did Ram do in his day-to-day life?

His activities could make him a better student, a better employee but could not get his dream girl.

Why was Ram unsuccessful with women?

There was a big misalignment between what Ram wished and what Ram did.

None of his day-to-day activities bring Ram closer to his dream girl.

Find out that big misalignment between what you wish and what you do.

Like Ram, most single men, only pay attention to what they see. They only wish and hope for a dream girl but they do not take any right action to get her.

These single men look at men with beautiful women and say things like—they are rich, they are handsome or they got lucky—and I can never be like them.

What most of these single men do not see is what they had overcome. These men cannot see all the fears, rejections, criticism, struggles, and all those lonely nights those successful men have gone through in the past.

The time, effort, and energy they invested in learning to attract women while trying to make their dream a reality.

The only difference—between the one who is successful and the one who is not successful with women—is how to lead the love:

  • The one who is successful with women learned from a proven mentor every day.
  • They tried to overcome their fears every day. They approached every day.
  • They pushed themselves every day. They improved every day.
  • Finally, they learned how to “lead the love” and became successful with women.

When faced with an opportunity to meet a beautiful woman, the fear holds back most single men” The one gets the woman is the one who ACT. -SAM

So, take action and “Lead Your Love”

Why Ram is only wishing for his dream girl and not taking any actions that are necessary to get his dream girl?

The answer is information overload. With technological advances over the decades, we spend most of our time online.

What Ram used to do was spending most of his time online. Most of his communication was virtual through emails and social networking sites.

The information—news, soap operas and pass-along messages and rumors—he consumed was not reliable. Social conditioning had already influenced his mind. Hence, what Ram wished and he did was not in alignment.

Out of luck, even he found his dream girl he would not be successful with her—he did not develop the ability to recognize subtle human behaviors in different situations.

He would fail to identify subtle clues in her body language and facial expressions. This could result in misrepresenting her actual intentions that could lead to terrible outcomes.

There is no wrong spending your time online for some time—but it should never exceed your real-world experience. Man, spend more time with people!

Here is how to get your dream girl:

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Here Is What You Are Going To Get:

Let me ask you this:

What if Lead Your Love Book helps you to get just ONE more meeting with an interesting and attractive girl?

Just ONE. What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself:

What if there’s even a chance that this book can teach you how to meet one woman after another – and gets wonderful women as often as you want?

What if you really can learn how to attract the kind of woman or women that you’ve always wanted and got this part of your life handled for good?

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most men I know, it would be priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success with beautiful girls would be worth the investment.  

The Boldest Guarantee In The World:


I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this book, or I’ll return your money let you keep the book anyway. That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me, and I’ll give back your money.

How’s that for fair? Because this is possibly the most crucial investment you’ll ever make in your love life. I assure you that this book will help you to meet more beautiful girls in real life.

I want to put the risk 100% on my shoulders–and off yours. This Book comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t get real results with girls after reading and taking action on all the things I have taught in this book, I insist that you email me and ask for a full refund.

Note: This refund policy applies to the book that you have purchased from my website( only but not applicable to other sellers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Notion Press. The fact is I have no control over their return policies, please.

I genuinely want to help you meet and get more beautiful women. I get emails every day from guys about how “lead your love book” helped them to get their dream girls and improved their love life DRAMATICALLY.

And I want to help you too. 

“Do not be led by fear; lead your love.” – Sam Love Coach

Yes, I Want To Lead My Love with My Dream Girlfriend!